Color, 110 minutes, drama film
by Olaniyi Areke

DISILLUSION is a drama that explores the relationship between an African American woman and an African man from different social and economic classes. It also portrays how an immigrant’s idealistic dreams of America were shattered by various startling encounters.

Picture of lead actor and lead actress of the film Disillusion

DISILLUSION takes us on a journey through the gambit of the social, the psychological, and the political spectrum of Segun, an African-born man who comes to America to further his education. Segun runs into many obstacles which include: an educational system that looks down upon him, frustrating job situations, social acceptance by the African American community, and a relationship with Debbie, an African American woman. There are many moments which capture the beauty of the wide-eyed innocent traveler enraptured at the unexpected. It is through these ordeals (disillusionment) that Segun gains a sense of self consciousness. Segun’s growth from the challenges he encounters are aspiring as well as entertaining.

DISILLUSION won Princess Grace Statuette Award and Honorable Mention at the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame

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