Organization Order Form

Organization Order Form

Order Form
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DVD Sale Information

DVD TitleSale Price
Spouse Abuse: A Global Perspective49.99
Black Culture and Media29.99

Institutional Method of ordering DVD:

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Download the above Organization Order Form, fill it out, and email it along with your Purchase Order Form on an official letterhead to:

Terms of Payments
For institutional orders only — checks must be received within 30 days from shipment date.

Make check payable to Majestic Pictures

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No shipping to P.O. Box address.

Rights Included with Purchase:

  • All DVDs are leased for the life of the DVD.
  • Purchase does not include the right to duplicate, recast, edit, abridge, or transform the videos by analog or digital means or any other means whatsoever without the written consent of Majestic Pictures.
  • Purchase does not include the imply the right to transmit videos through analog or digital means by the way of broadcast, cable, direct broadcast satellite, internet, and distance learning sites without the written consent of Majestic Pictures.