Our Services

Our Services


Majestic Pictures is a full-service video company that produces high quality projects for broadcast, corporate, and educational purposes.  We provide services to companies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and individuals. 

From conception to completion, we deliver your message with impact and powerful results. We strive to immerse ourselves in your world in order to tell your story the way you envisioned it. Additionally, our team will enhance a project with a client’s input towards increasing target audience.

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In addition to offering full production services, Majestic Pictures provides production and technical crew for clients who are looking to hire for specific needs. We have reliable and exceptional talented individuals who have decades of professional experience ready to assist you.

You can fill out the Request Form or email when you need any of the following production or technical personnel:

  • Researcher 
  • Writer
  • Producer
  • Associate Producer
  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Production Manager
  • DP/Cinematographer
  • Lighting Director
  • Camera Operator
  • Steadicam Operator
  • Audio Person
  • Floor Director
  • Production Assistant
  • Editor
  • Narrator/Voice-over
  • Reporter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer
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Majestic Pictures provides extensive professional training on a variety of production equipment, editing software, research, screenplay and commercial writing, grant writing, scheduling, budgeting and marketing. Majestic Pictures’ team members with academic credentials and years of professional experience can meet with a client and offer customized lessons. We deliver high quality education and in-depth hands-on training under the guidance of industry professionals.

We can send teams out to institutions or companies to train employees on a variety of editing software and operation of production equipment. We offer two-hour, half-day, full-day, and weeklong workshops on a variety of editing software and operation of video-related equipment.